Our Educational partners are LEAD and i-icon Academy.


  • Computer based 100% digital education for all classes
  • Continuity in Learnings through Online and Offline classes
  • Digital Classrooms with tabs for faculty for real-time lesson plans
  • Parental app for real-time monitoring on student performance
  • Coding Skills development classes in alignment with NEP
  • 100% assurance guaranteed program in English Language proficiency
  • Qualified teachers with trainings and workshops in every term
  • Students and faculty performance against goals by external experts
  • Continuous parent engagement for student growth
  • Well organized and systematic examination / evaluation models
  • Special training programs for AP Govt. residential schools
  • Academics aligned with State Government board examinations
  • Special coaching for IIT Foundation and National Olympiad exams
  • Academic partnership with LEAD national schools and i-icon Academy
  • Trainings and workshop with international students for cultural diversity
  • Extracurricular activities highlighting the rich heritage of Indian values
  • Student sponsored programs showing concern to the society