Inspired by the philosophy of “What comes from the society, has to go back to society in multi fold” and having firm confidence in “Life is Learning, Learning is for sharing, and sharing is for caring” – Sreemedha is established to Inspire and transform the lives of Rural citizens in Andhra Pradesh by –

  • Stimulating social inclusion, health and well-being, and enhancing the quality of lives through education, medical services and beyond
  • Strong belief that when children have access to quality education, environment will change better

Sreemedha started in 2010 with one man’s drive to help and develop the community of Andhra Pradesh, and had a primary focus on education, but it has since been refined and expanded in the areas of –

  • Providing affordable quality education for rural children
  • Providing free education to orphan kids
  • Providing Educational assistance to kids from low income group families
  • Providing Adult literacy programs
  • Providing access to medical services for needy people
  • Providing Support Services to needy old age people

It’s core aim is now to empower and enhance the community by providing quality education, promoting access to healthcare and encouraging local enterprise in a sustainable manner to protect the environment.

”No success or achievement in material terms is worthwhile, unless it serves the needs or interests of the country and its people, and is achieved by fair and honest means”

Excerpted from “Beyond the Last Blue Mountain” by R M Lala